• 1999 Honda Civic Si – Penny For An Si


    The ’99 Si is a special year from the long running Civic family. A strong, almost cult-like following, it’s the Electron Blue Pearl version that is symbolic of the 1.6L coupe that boasts a high revving, 160 horsepower powerplant that a majority of would never consider swapping out for something different. Then again, Miguel Paz Alameda of Jacksonville, Florida, isn’t just anybody, and his EM1, nicknamed Penny, isn’t just any old car. The truth is, it’s because, as Miguel tells us, it left him with but a penny within his pocket, though if you’re anything like me, you almost certainly assume that the nickname is due to the car’s copper-like color.

    Miguel simply wanted more, as great as the original B16A2 is. More power, more torque, and with those of course, comes more money. To get started, a set of engine mounts would be needed for the K20A2 powerplant to find its new home. Simple enough, right? Well, at times, engine swaps usually become complicated matters. I did not determine what I was getting myself into. Everyone was telling me which kind of engine mounts to acquire. Miguel initially purchased some mounts that didn’t fit. Ultimately, he learned that a K-series swap in an EM1 called for any subframe from aMiguel contacted local junkyards in search of a subframe, but soon discovered junkyards aren’t too interested in selling just an intact subframe while there’s still a usable engine around the donor vehicle. While searching, a friend with a ’95 Civic sustained a major rear end collision that contributed to an insurance claim being filed as well as the car being totaled. If he was sure the insurance policy would not reject the claim together with the subframe missing. His friend said that it absolutely was not a problem, to accept the parts he needed, as well as not be concerned about paying for anything, the insurance company scheduled to pick up the Miguel and Civic states, I asked. I quickly came over in my truck, unbolted what I needed, and off I went.

    Another hurdle got in the way, as being the process continued. An incorrectly pinned aftermarket engine wiring harness complicated the final stages of the build. Further agitating the situation was the eight-month waiting period for the problem to be rectified. The electrical mystery was solved after Miguel with his fantastic friends worked tirelessly for weeks before an upcoming car show and they also were determined to have the EM1 up and running for the event. They tooled away until 3 a.m., napping before going to work just to return after punching out for the day. The crew performed a basic diagnosis; battery, gas and fuel etc., and unfortunately, the K20A2 did not run well. Fortunately, Miguel’s roommate was in the process of putting together a K-powered CRX. The team swapped sensors, Hondata K-Pro engine control units, and other vitals, but the Civic remained unchanged. Finally, someone chosen to swap the engine harness from the CRX with the Civic to see if wiring was in fact the issue.To Have An Si

    With all the guesswork and testing, Miguel was unable so it will be to the show and though the vehicle ran better, something seemed off-it was still running a little on the rough side. He decided to get the Civic tuned the following week, where his tuner discovered yet another wiring issue. That wasn’t the end of his wiring woes, even if this time the MAP sensor was incorrectly pinned. During the drag race event months later, the TPS sensor wiring loosened up, and although a quick fix in reality, in total, the aftermarket harness resulted in four operating issues and plenty of headaches. The ordeal appeared like a nightmare, but in Miguel’s eyes, the entire impact ended in a chance to learn. You do not know everything about cars. You think you need to do, but you don’t. Miguel admits that this was his first K-series build and the overall project was challenging.

    On the outside, he made a variety of changes, most notably the Blaze Orange Metallic paint job and a set of unique wheels, though miguel prefers a simple, user-friendly interior. Made-to-order in Miguel’s choice of sizing, the J-Line SDMSL2 rollers took quite a while to reach their new owner. He adds, I have never given $2,200 for something and not had anything during my hands for six months, lol! The car often changes wheels depending on the venue and the day’s activities. Drag racing, car shows, Sunday cruises, this EM1 enjoys all of the above. Friends are quick to ask if he plans on selling the J-lines to which he responds, No! They can make the car.

    Nothing major-the current phase is likely to exists for the foreseeable future, although long-term plans are just to maintain your vehicle with maybe a new wheel setup, perhaps a new part here or there. I like my car. I wish it was actually a bit quicker but I love I and it also won’t eliminate it. I don’t build and part; I continue and make to modify. Miguel does understand and appreciate value of a sacred car in fact. Testify.


  • 2014 Mini Cooper & Cooper S – First Drive


    Smaller Cooper & Cooper S Specifics:

    New turbo enginesMassive speedo removed

    Cooper S goes toStraight injectionVaried cam and device timing

    Gps navigation transfer optimization for automobile trans

    Restrain body weight less than 2800 lb

    Electronic products: Parking assistanceLED traveling lightsMobile phone integrationFacebook or myspace/Twitter in the take flight

    Experts: General power boostMuch longer wheelbase adds stablenessMuch more technological innovation for same selling priceExciting to operate a vehicleCost

    – Negatives: Continues to get greaterSomewhat high gearing for spirited drivingSuspensions in Sport activity Function quite tough

    2014 mini cooper s motorist area back quarter perspective 07 PictureSmall Cooper S Car owner Side Back end Quarter See 07

    To call the Smaller Cooper successful tale can be a huge understatement. The car maker offered 305000 from the secondly-age group Coopers in 2013 on your own, generally of those transactions Stateside. Planning to expand its market share, Mini designed a new car package that will not only reinvigorate existing customers, but could also tempt others to switch brand loyalties.

    So, while you might think you’re simply looking at an updated, second-gen Mini Cooper, we’re assured that the Cooper and Cooper S are all-new vehicles. They’ve been carefully redesigned, getting this product before its forerunners regarding equally overall performance and value.

    2014 mini cooper s interior 05 PictureSmall Cooper S Inside 05

    Starting with the appearance, the body was stretched 4.5″” and widened 1.7″”, although it’s only .3″” higher, creating a more aggressive stance. Luggage space has increased by more than 30%, as a result. It still looks very much a Mini, hence the slogan, “”The New Mini, although the dimensional changes are significant, since the Mini is supposed to be a small car. The New Initial.””

    Outwardly, they may have new headlamps, with optionally available Brought driving a vehicle lamps as being a very first within this section. There’s a hexagonal radiator grille, new bumpers, the option of five new fresh paint colors, as well as a variety of new tires in metallic or black, ranging from 15-18″”.

    For the first time, the two Cooper and Cooper S get English-created turbocharged motors employing BMW’s TwinPower modern technology, straight injection and varied camera the right time (increase Vanos in the S). The base model’s is a redesigned 1.5L about three-cylinder, even though the several-cylinder in the S leaps to a encouraged 2.-liters. Even though the 1.5L diesel three-tube isn’t headed for people Stateside currently, equally disables come from the exact same mold.

    2014 little cooper s tire 02 PhotographSmall Cooper S Tire 02


    Flown to Puerto Rico to example the new auto out of the wintertime misery in North America, we decided to blaze the jungle trails inside the 6-rate handbook Cooper very first and, actually, for under $20k our requirements weren’t lofty. But sliding in the cockpit, we immediately understood how comfortable but athletic the John Cooper Performs controls and factory chairs experienced. The variable armrest maintains you comfy on long driving stints and then there was plenty headroom.

    It had been also great to find out the speedometer back into the instrument cluster instead of the comic call that had been within the centre dash. It has enabled Little Cooper to use an 8.8″””” display because of its sophisticated infotainment, which includes a Driving Enthusiasm Analyzer that suggests optimum shift factors and in many cases records optimum-g velocity. There’s also an optionally available rear vehicle parking camera and Global positioning system navigation provided by the latest auto.

    2014 mini cooper vehicle driver aspect front perspective 04 PhotographSmall Cooper Motorist Aspect Front View 04

    Smartphone Twitter, apps and Facebook accounts, scheduled appointment work schedule and a website radio station can be utilized from the huge new car display right here at the same time, providing you with use of BMW’s technological innovation suite that keeps you linked on the road.

    The Cooper’s 1.5L about three-tube turbocharged generator was ranked in a measly 137hp, but it really experienced 169 lb-feet of torque (a 51 lb-feet increase on the earlier foundation product) providing an unexpected impact within the decrease equipment. It wasn’t right up until pressing highway rates the acceleration began to plateau, despite the Cooper’s .28 drag coefficient.

    It’s miles ahead of the outgoing Cooper, as the base model. A rate demon could still get into problems, because of its 2605 lb curb weight (70 lb weightier than the aged model) and peak torque to rival the sociable Cooper S!

    2014 Mini Cooper interior switchgear fine detail see

    2014 Little Cooper motor inner compartment view

    2014 Small Cooper lecturer details

    Given the new optional car owner help techniques, which includes digicam-dependent energetic cruise trip control, crash and pedestrian cautions with brake function, and also higher-beam helper and road indicator detection, the automobile is unquestionably in your favor.

    For many who dislike the metropolis pull, the latest Little carries a vehicle parking helper program that detects ideal car parking spots and executes the essential parallel-parking steering motions for you. Each of the vehicle driver does is work the items selector and throttle.

    Increasing the bottom Cooper’s fun aspect is definitely the engine’s soundtrack. At 4000rpm it reminded us of a watercooled 911 Turbo, even if much quieter. Once we claimed this to Small designers, they described they’d proved helpful carefully in the harmonic frequencies so it will be seem to be a 6-tube.

    2014 Small Cooper home page PictureSmaller Cooper

    Cooper S

    Right after our enjoyable push then we transitioned in to the Cooper S with far better expectations. The S is easily distinguished from its little brother by larger wheels, the signature hood scoop and different bumpers with functional front brake ducts, as with previous generations.

    As the interior was similar to the foundation version (no bad thing), pushing the Motor Begin switch targeted our attention on the exhaust notice. The Little Cooper 2.0T purrs but features a more ferocious snarl when provoked.

    2014 small cooper s exhaust suggestions 09 ImageLittle Cooper S Exhaust Ideas 09

    We could actually test the latest automatic transmitting in this article and enjoyed the actual way it appeared similar to a manual items selector. Furthermore, the 6-speed vehicle featured Mini’s new “”””Predictive Drivetrain.”””” It’s a Gps system-structured system that makes up about your course user profile to regulate items changes!

    For anyone wanting more control, the paddle shifters change with the controls and provide exact items options with near-DCT velocity. The addictive exhaust also pops on deceleration and downshifts, supplying the icing around the new auto driving food.

    With 221 lb-ft of overboost in the extra fat 1250-4750rpm chunk (it’s similar to 2500-4750rpm inside the first two gears), the Cooper S peaks at 189hp – 8hp and 31 lb-ft more than its predecessor. This is also 15 lb-feet a lot more than the outgoing JCW Cooper S.

    Mix this productivity having a feathery 2760 lb control excess weight (92 lb more heavy compared to the previous S) and -60mph is available in a factory stated 6.4sec – although we wouldn’t be surprised if it results a “”””substantial-5 various”””” when independently tested.

    2014 little cooper s center gaming system 08 PictureSmaller Cooper S Middle Unit 08

    The Cooper S is merely quick. It’s tremendous fun to drive yet will incentive the motorist with as much as 40mpg on the highway, that is an 18% enhancement over the earlier product.

    Carving by means of Puerto Rico’s converts, we experienced Mini’s new Dynamic Damper Manage, which happens to be offered on both types. It offers two diverse adjustments for the dampers’ compression and rebound, allowing drivers to choose between a athletic or higher convenience-driven method.

    Whilst the sportier degree was extremely tough on unequal types of surface, each ranges ingested the lumps by using a finesse and predictability you’d generally see in a BMW 3 or 5 Collection. And, because of the car’s extended wheelbase, Small performed a wonderful task to preserve the characteristic kart-like preciseness.

    When compared to prior age group, the new Small designs pack a punch of brand new technological innovation throughout, more powerful and gas-efficient motors, greater accident protection, more suitcases place and just a marginal surge in body weight. And also to believe, the basic price only improved by $250 and $300 to the Cooper and Cooper S, correspondingly.

    2014 small cooper s shifter 06 ImageSmaller Cooper S Shifter 06

    The space in between the two types has narrowed, to ensure equally could be thoroughly appreciated by efficiency-minded fans, with all the Cooper getting a minimal admission value.

    So which model would we take? If we’re sincere, the Cooper offered a memorable mix of visual appearance, a torque-wealthy engine, excellent dealing with, great ride comfort, exceptional affordability and gobs of exciting. It’ll you should most family members of 4 and was definitely the big surprise of the day.

    Presented a restricted-fall diff plus some aftermarket software, we think the Cooper can be an unbeatable package.

    The Cooper S, however, includes a more hostile physical appearance (even when the air flow dam would seem allow it a apprehensive expression…) and its particular 37Percent power benefit is appealing for just $4k a lot more. So, maybe we’ll take a manual Cooper S in Volcano Orange, please!

  • Just Why Are Pickup Trucks So Darned Popular

    There’s no denying it – you can drive down the highways and look on the driveways in any part of the town or city or simply check out your nearest parking lot . . . the chances are there’ll be more than a few pickup trucks there. Pickup trucks are as popular today as they ever have been, but why is that? Is it true that everybody needs a pickup truck at some time in their lives?
    Pickup trucks are extremely useful and you can’t get away from that fact. The modern pickup trucks have far surpassed their predecessors and now provide owners and passengers with the comfort of a prestige car yet with the convenience and capacity of a truck. They really are all things for all people . . . or just about.


    Let’s take a look at the RAM 1500 as the perfect example of a modern pickup truck and try to find out the secret to its undeniable success.


    Stylish – you can’t deny that these babies are super stylish. They are large enough to satisfy the most critical of truck drivers yet have a classy interior which wouldn’t look out of a place in an executive sedan. The RAM is aggressive yet laid-back, it’s chunky yet it’s sleek and it’s the ultimate work horse yet can transport the whole family (including the dog) in air cooled comfort. Yep, it certainly ticks that box, but what about performance capability?
    Performance – so what do you need to know? This work horse is no gas guzzler – it’s 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 motor sees to that, yet you can’t argue with its performance. This relatively small pickup truck can tow more than 4,500 kg easily and comfortably without putting excess strain onto the chassis or the engine.
    Technology – it will come as no surprise that this highly advanced vehicle is equipped with the very latest cutting edge technology. The dashboard is designed to be easily visible with clear gauges – you can even customize it to accommodate the multimedia systems of your choice. There’s certainly nothing backward, old fashioned or even agricultural about these babies.


    So who needs a pickup truck?
    Well, anybody who owns one of these vehicles will know all about how popular they become at particular times and during certain events. If you are moving home it can be extremely handy if you have a friend with a pickup truck. If you need to collect a large item of furniture they could also be your “”best buddy”” for a while.
    Got a load of trash to take to the dump . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.
    Need to move something heavy . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.
    Need to move something dirty . . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.
    Moving home . . . you’ve got it, who you gonna’ call? Your best buddy of course.
    Need to transport lots of tools or equipment for your work . . . you need a pickup truck.
    Got a farm or ranch where you need to transport hay and fodder to your animals over rough country . . . you need a pickup truck.
    Of course pickup trucks are also perfect for ordinary day use. Going on a family outing and need to tow a trailer . . . you need a pickup truck.
    So, I think you’re getting the idea . . . everybody really does need a pickup truck at some time. Check out the choice at http://www.ocramtruckcenter.com and see which takes your fancy.

  • 1991 Honda Prelude 4WS Si – Prelude To Perfection


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    Hidden treasure or more than meets the attention?

    Big Mike –

    Mar 27, 2014

    Photographer: Matt Magnino


    1991 Honda Prelude 4WS Si – Prelude To Perfection

    I honestly didn’t understand what I was buying at the time, says Ryan Seiler of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that has no problem acknowledging that. In reality, he didn’t even understand how to drive a manual vehicle. He looks back in the car literally and figuratively and he can’t help but smile because what started as a child’s toy, turned into a man’s accomplishment.Perfectly

    Ryan purchased this car when he was just 15 years old. His father went with him and in reality had to test drive the car for him. The two liked the vehicle and Ryan’s father gave his nod of approval, therefore the purchase was made. The only thing left was to obtain the car returning to its new home, which was greater than a few miles away. Now, rather than his father driving it, Ryan climbed into the driver seat and fired her up. I somehow miraculously drove it 80 miles home, Ryan recalls. He started cleaning the car up and was very pleased with all the results, as soon as he got it home. The car cleaned up great, the inner was mint, it ran great and the best part of all, there was minimal rust for a South Dakota car.

    Ryan made a decision to start looking deeper into his new Prelude and find out more about his new purchase. What he discovered excited and surprised him. Upon research I discovered we had happened across a rare Honda find with it as being a 4ws model and in such nice condition. Additionally, the vehicle has the rare red on black color combo paired with a factory 5-speed. Most importantly, though, the vehicle ran so well that it provided Ryan by using a flawless two years of daily driving. That is, until one fine summer day when a motorcycle ran an end sign and t-boned him. That’s right, the motorcycle t-boned him! But rather than being discouraged, Ryan embraced the accident as an opportunity and redid the entire car in the factory Phoenix Red paint. Using the car freshly repainted, Ryan decided to buy a daily driver so that he could preserve the Prelude and have it last forever, as-is. Ryan and a team of friends decided to make a journey to Import Alliance in Nashville, Tennessee, though for all we realize, that could have and could have happened.

    1991 honda prelude 4WS si volk racing CE28N 03

    1991 honda prelude 4WS si bisimoto header 06

    1991 honda prelude 4WS si engine stamp 07

    We were completely blown away, reminisces Ryan. I bought to see the cars I followed online, read about inside the magazines, and a lot of other vehicles that were just over the top. I loved every minute of it plus it provided a lot of inspiration in my opinion. The bug hit Ryan so hard that within a week of returning from IA he began tearing the automobile apart. His plans were relatively mild as he designed to do a mild shave and tuck with the B20a5 engine, but that changed instantly when he found a killer deal on another ’91 Prelude that had a motor on its way out. I thought my original interior was in mint condition but somehow this car topped it. So for $350 it was an easy decision to make. He took what he needed and even drove the car for a few months before turning around and selling it for a bit of a profit. The money from the sale was going to check out the purchase of an H22 swap, but after having a conversation with a couple of people-myself included-he went with an F20B swap.To Perfection

    He took the car, sans motor, to his friend Ryan B’s shop where he had him commence executing what Ryan had envisioned. I didn’t get too crazy with it. I left a lot of the OEM structure and just filled the unnecessary holes and smoothed every one of the seams. It came out exactly how I pictured it, Ryan states. As the engine bay work was being done, he was collecting all of the parts to compliment the motor. A custom intake sends air via a Spoon Sports throttle body to a K-series RBC intake manifold mated to the F20B by a QSD adaptor plate. The exit path commences with a coated Bisimoto header and continues through a custom exhaust system consisting of a remarkable Performance 18-inch resonator along with a Stealth muffler. AEM Electronics was called upon for their tried and true Engine Position Module (EPM) that replaces the stock distributor and sends power to the coil- on-plug conversion all overseen by an AEM Series 2 EMS. Enabling everything to work together is a custom Rywire engine harness. A rare Feel’s shift knob is attached to a Hybrid Racing shift box that Ryan had to tailor to match his chassis/motor combination together with shifter cables to control the coveted T2T4 SiR LSD transmission. As we discussed, Ryan planned to use the ideal components available for this build, even if that meant the need to customize them to work in this setting. And don’t think that Ryan neglected what you cannot see. Besides the KSport Type RR coilovers with aggressive 16K front and 14K rear spring rates, Ryan replaced each and every bushing in addition to ball joints, tie rods, and wheel bearings; and then he cleaned up and powdercoated every suspension component while they were out.

    By just restoring and modifying a third-gen Prelude, Ryan knew his build would get noticed in a crowd. But he set out to build something different while using good quality components instead of settling for anything less. The results speak for themselves – the car is gorgeous. Upon first glance it simply looks like a refreshed third-gen Prelude, but when you take a close look you realize that there is far more than meets the eye.To PerfectionTo Perfection


    AEM Series 2 EMS

    AEM Engine Position Module

    OEM K-series Civic Si coilpacks

    Kenwood headunit

    Memphis Audio speakers


    I have to first thank my parents for supporting me through this entire process and letting me make use of a garage spot in their home from then till now. I also owe it big to a lot of great people whom without none of this would have been possible: Bruce VB, Preston VB, Eli VB, Brady J, Aaron F, Jeremy K, Justin J, Zach R, Jon-Eric D, Adam G, Josh D, Ryan B, Hubert R, Greg H, The Important Mike, Shawn, Joey and Dareck at Excessive Ryan, Autosports and David at Rywire, Tim at Hybridracing, Julio and Bisi at Bisimoto, Frank at Downstar, Sean T at 1funryd Performance, Autrey at DWS Parts, Vern E with theFor This Build

    Doing something different

    Future Build

    Integra Type R or S2000

    The Prelude community

    The Prelude community is actually a relatively small group if compared to the massive number of say, Civic and Integra enthusiasts and owners. Nonetheless, Prelude enthusiasts can be hardcore in their devotion to the chassis. There are even subcultures and followings throughout the niche fan base for all those dedicated to different generations from the chassis. Regardless, they all stay in touch and convene with one another through various Internet mediums such as Facebook groups and Prelude-specific forums. It absolutely was in some of those that Ryan and I became acquainted many years ago, and i also was one of the people that he cites as reason for going with the F20B motor as opposed to the more common H22a swap. Though there aren’t an abundance of sites to visit, the ones that are out there are quite comprehensive and provide an excellent amount of information for those just getting in to the chassis. Additionally, fellow enthusiasts are quick to help the other out, on the web andLogonthe most popular cars unveiled at SEMA built by Bulletproof Automotive

    Aaron Bonk – Apr 2, 2015

    European Car features

    Mercedes-Benz F 015 Autonomous Concept

    Mercedes-Benz F 015 Autonomous Concept

    The Mercedes design team has broken the mold to generate a quantum leap in packaging solutions.

    Ian Kuah – Apr 2, 2015

    European Car features

    Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

    Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

    Looking at just how the ur-quattro came to be and how it influenced the design and engineering of so many performance cars

    John Rettie – Apr 1, 2015

    SuperStreetOnline features

    LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better

    LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is way better

    Yes, it’s a Porsche in Super Street, and yes it’s muh-f*ckin’ badass!

    Jofel Tolosa – Mar 30, 2015

    SuperStreetOnline features

    Widebody 1994 Acura NSX – Sky’s the Limit

    Widebody 1994 Acura NSX – Sky’s the Limit

    This NSX is far as a result, although appears like a show queen!

    Joey Lee – Mar 27, 2015

    European Car features

    HYDE16 2011 VW GTI – Sweating the Details

    HYDE16 2011 VW GTI – Sweating the important points

    Continual development breeds a near-perfect GTI

    Bryan Joslin – Mar 27, 2015

    SuperStreetOnline features

    560HP 1998 Mazda RX-7 – Orange is the New Attack

    560HP 1998 Mazda RX-7 – Orange is definitely the New Attack

    Gorgeous RX-7 born in Japan, developed for racing

    Joey Lee – Mar 26, 2015

    European Car features

    Supercharged 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe – Tested

    Supercharged 2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe – Tested

    Jaguar’s sports car attacks the entire world with a blower and a relentless aural assault

    Michael Febbo – Mar 26, 2015

    SuperStreetOnline features

    JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

    JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

    Beautiful bug-eyed ’02 Subie from the bay

    Aaron Bonk – Mar 25, 2015

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    Bag & Backback Buyer’s Guide 2015

    Bag & Backback Buyer’s Guide 2015

    Swag bags that’ll perhaps you have go from geek to sleek in no time!

    Jofel Tolosa – Mar 18, 2015






    Honda Tuning

    Bulletproof Nissan GT-R – A Tale Of Two R35

    A pair of the hottest cars unveiled at SEMA built by Bulletproof Automotive

    Aaron Bonk – Apr 2, 2015

    Bulletproof Nissan GT-R – A Tale Of Two R35

    Honda Tuning

    Mercedes-Benz F 015 Autonomous Concept

    The Mercedes design team has broken the mold to create a quantum leap in packaging solutions.

    Ian Kuah – Apr 2, 2015

    Mercedes-Benz F 015 Autonomous Concept

    Honda Tuning

    Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

    Considering how the ur-quattro came to be and how it influenced the engineering and design of so many performance cars

    John Rettie – Apr 1, 2015

    Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

    Honda Tuning

    Sporty Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Revealed

    The most aggressive road-going iteration of the new Miata

    Kelly Pleskot – Apr 1, 2015

    Sporty Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Revealed

    Honda Tuning

    Honda Civic Type-R Coming To America

    For the first time ever, the U.S. will get a Honda Civic Type R.

    Scott Evans – Apr 1, 2015

    Honda Civic Type-R Coming To America

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  • 2014 BMW 435i Convertible – First Drive


    BMW 435i Convertible Particulars:

    TwinPower 3.-liter inline-six N55 generatorlonger, lower and Wider

    Hardtop folds up in 20sec at approximatelyAir flow Window curtains and Air Breathers aerodynamics

    Regular guidebook transmissionSeven-velocity automobile readily available

    CommencesSport clip and options available

    2014 BMW 435i convertible passenger side information 02 PhotoConvertible Traveler Aspect Profile 02

    Gadgets: Guided Substantial Ray HelperAuto end/start and coasting functionCommon Servotronic speed-hypersensitive directing

    Professionals: Hardtop positive aspects with convertible car enjoyableA few-phase throatSuperb indoor top qualityComfortable cruiser

    – Disadvantages: Lacks car owner involvementVirtually 500 lb bulkier than Coupe

    2014 BMW 435i convertible car passenger aspect front side see 03 ImageConvertible Person Part Front Perspective 03

    The most intense BMW fanatics really are a persnickety tension of gearheads having a predilection for nitpicking the tiniest discrepancies in motorist comments, from directing truly feel to transient response. As such, the new 435i Convertible is disadvantaged from the get-go because of its lid. But in contrast to ragtop competition, the 4’s collapsable steel roof top is really a a few-part origami extravaganza that not only nods to BMW’s style vernacular (note the articulated Hofmeister kink with the trailing fringe of the C-pillar), but additionally allows 20sec erection at speeds up to 11mph although providing additional firmness during times of location.

    The rooftop gives an impressive little electro-hydraulic ballet, having a helpful reloading system (the same as the Mercedes-Benz SL) to expand trunk potential. It adds almost 500 lb due to the complex body and mechanism reinforcement. That’s the downside. The effect is definitely an unavoidable compromise within the car’s acceleration and handling.

    Golf swing wide open the important doorways, climb up inside of along with the familiar BMW images come up, in particular the black color-panel instrumentation and centrally found, landscaping-concentrated nav monitor.

    2014 BMW 435i convertible car motorist area rear quarter view 10

    2014 BMW 435i convertible car car owner area back end look at 08

    2014 BMW 435i convertible traveler area perspective 04

    There’s an aura of informal elegance to this particular convertible that aspires at an completely diverse area code; consider newborn 6 Sequence as opposed to older 2 Collection, especially verified by its much longer, broader, reduce proportions in comparison with its E93 forerunner.

    Best-up, the 435i Convertible managed the vast-wide open roadways northern of Vegas with the composure of your magnificent tourer. Coupled with the eight-speed car, the 3.0L turbo hardly ever noticed breathless, especially with its 300 lb-feet starting up in a mere 1300rpm and never tapering off until finally 5000rpm.

    2014 BMW 435i convertible AC vent 16 PhotographConvertible car AC Vent 16

    That generous powerband provides quick takeoffs and gratifying completing maneuvers. Compared to its Coupe equivalent, the Convertible seems to lose .5sec sprinting to 60mph – but the al fresco 435i can continue to create the manage in five.4sec, which happens to be a completely reputable evaluate thinking about its much more adult skillset. Commensurate with the recalibrated priorities is handling that feels secure rather than athletic; steering feedback is adequately, though not overly communicative, and this four-seater certainly feels better suited to grocery runs and urban errands than pylon-dodging on autocross courses.

    There’s nevertheless BMW’s near perfect weight syndication (48: 52), and generous front-end bracing to increase the experience you’re linked to the highway. But in spite of the right pedal pinned, the 435i’s velocity can feel silky, rather than incredible, with power move easily mitigated from the transmitting.

    2014 BMW 435i convertible car tallight 12 ImageConvertible Tallight 12

    By offering a traditional three-pedal, six-pace guide, that’s bookended from a much more aggressively changing 8-10-rate Sports activities automated (besides the common 8-rate auto), BMW has set its scenery with a wide range of customers, from the most obstinate items-rowers on the laziest commuters.

    It helps old school BMW clientele feel in the loop, even though the worrying trend du jour is to ditch the third pedal.., though hanging on to the manual may be a grand gesture of counter-trending.

    2014 BMW 435i convertible car trunk 17 PhotographConvertible car Trunk area 17

    Consequently, the BMW 435i Convertible car makes outward expressions created to satisfy its most traditional enthusiast foundation (through guidebook gearbox, and so on) but is eventually directed a lot more specifically at clients who want throat warmers and in close proximity to-quiet, best-up motoring.

    If the Coupe version is any indication – should deliver on BMW’s promise of driver interactivity and seat-of-the-pants satisfaction, those hungry for spine-tingling handling might wait for the inevitable 2 Series ragtop, which -. For the time being, the 435i Convertible car supplies a far more adult and civilized approach to absorb direct sunlight. Its thoughtfully engineered design details suggest this BMW has simply been recalibrated for a more sophisticated group of sun worshippers, although it may not be a visceral triumph.

  • New to Nissan


    If you’ve been a loyal driver of Fords, Chevrolets, or another make of car for years, you might be a hard sell when it comes time to look for a new car and your friends start telling you how much they love their Nissan. Nissans, too, have a dedicated, devoted following, and for good reason. Nissan dealerships take great care of their customers, the brands’ cars are always among the most innovative on the market, and the company is dedicated to the environment and churns out environmentally friendly vehicles. Not to mention the cars are stylish, chic, and have won countless awards in the auto industry.


    If you’ve been thinking about Nissan, take this into consideration: just since 2013, the company has won dozens of awards. These honors have included Top Recommended Compact Truck, Top Recommended Minivan, Fuel Efficient Best Vehicles of 2013, 12 Best Family Cars of 2014, 10 Best SUVs under $25,000 and more. You can see that Nissan offers a vehicle for almost any family and they don’t break the bank. Whether you need a sedan for commuting to work, a mini van for hauling the family to weekend activities, or a small work truck, Nissan has something for you. Visit Corona Nissan or your local dealership’s website, like http://metronissanredlands.com, to start getting an idea of the various Nissans on the market today. New and used Nissans are both great ways to make the foray into the Nissan world and dealerships are glad to show you what’s available and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Come by anytime to test drive a Nissan and find out what all your friends have been raving about. We would love to talk to you and have you be part of the Nissan family.

  • 9-second Honda Civic VX – H2B Budget-Building Done Right


    One-thousand and fifty horsepower and 723 lb-ft of torque. No, we’re not talking about some super exotic, or perhaps a big-block component of American Iron. All of the aforementioned power and lightning quick, low 9-second quarter-mile passes result from this 21-year-old Civic sporting a built and boosted H2B mill backed by smart purchases and a bunch ofDone Correctly

    Carlos Santana isn’t some professional race car builder or a silver spoon-chewing millionaire. He works a normal 9-to-5 job like anyone else, has a family to tend to, and also in the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, I just wanna go fast. The H2B beast you can see pictured started off as nothing more than an automated Honda Civic hatchback rusting under a tree that somehow caught Carlos’ eye while he was driving home. He offered the property owner $500, got the vehicle home, and told his family he planned to transform the hatchback into a full-blown drag car. You can imagine their faces while they heard the language race car while staring at a weathered Honda Civic. He recalls, From on that day forward I worked on the automobile every chance I got. With help from many friends within the first year, I got the car to work with minimal modifications. The first order of economic was the energy equation. He knew a B or K Series just wouldn’t do, and instead, he opted for an H Series. A lot of people don’t run H-Series cars, especially the H2B, there aren’t any up by me. After some error and trial, Carlos ended up with a custom sleeved H22 block filled with CP pistons and one-off connecting rods. Carlos port-matched the pinnacle to his homebuilt intake manifold, then stuffed the top of the the engine with bits from Supertech and Skunk2. The huge Garrett GtX4202R wouldn’t fit in the Civic’s bay on an off-the-shelf manifold, so a custom built version was needed as well as a matching turbo-back exhaust system. Helping to keep things cool is a 90mm air-to-water intercooler and a custom-built intake for your turbocharger. Carlos knew his way around an engine and built his initial setups in their garage, but he was lacking in one very important component: tuning. That’s where his tuner, Rick Fedas and the crew at Racetek (formerly Kinetic Motor Works) came in. Carlos simply didn’t hold the dollars to back that up, so he opted for the very affordable Hondata S300, an underdog in the big kid arena of competitive drag racing, though carlos adds, I build everything I have got-engines, heads, everything-however i don’t know anything about tuning. The big-budget guys run Motec and custom engine management.With the new Civic engine now worth a lot more than the car it had been housed in, Carlos had to address the Honda rot that is persistent in the northeast. Gutting the inside and stripping the exterior as a result of only its necessary components helped Carlos kill two birds with one stone. He eliminated any superfluous weight on the inside, and exposed any invasive rust hiding underneath the carpets or exterior paint. Even when the OEM Honda Civic body panels were in good shape, these were tossed for lightweight variants. Thetrunk and hood, and doors were all substituted with carbon-fiber counterparts from Seibon, and Carlos got his hands dirty designing and installing a one-off carbon-fiber replacement roof panel. To maintain the shiny side up, Carlos designed and machined a custom-made carbon drag wing and full under-body diffuser. Through this point, if anyone questioned the intentions on this Honda Civic, a single piece, widened, carbon-fiber frontend by Jojo Callos was bolted up plus a parachute to assist anchor the beast.

    Addressing the interior of your CIvic is really a Kirkey Racing seat and bracing the now barren cabin is actually a custom multi-point rollcage that Carlos designed. Getting all that four-figure horsepower to the pavement are Omni Power drag coilovers at all four corners and all of the tired bushings have been upgraded as well. Stock hubcaps and steel wheels wouldn’t do much with almost 10 times the factory horsepower, so a set of 26-inch M&H slicks wrapped around 15-inch Exospeed wheels cover Wilwood calipers and custom-made brake pads.

    After a fresh coat of some across the top, eye-searing green paint and a custom wrap sporting his sponsor’s logo, Carlos hit the New England Dragway, his local track. After having a drag racing few test and tunes, he was able to blast a 9.2-second quarter-mile at over 150 mph! Carlos’ Honda Civic garnered a bit of attention regarding his super quick runs, which means that this season he’ll be taking the car nationwide to put the strength down. He hints which he might be planning for a complete rebuild and a possible color change, just keep the eyes out for the H2B Civic breaking necks and you’ll know it’s him!

  • 1998 Honda Civic LX – Family Matters


    When Suraj Bhamra took the keys to this ’98 Civic sedan and began commuting to and from high school with it, he wasn’t exactly enthused. In most honesty, he wasn’t a fan of how the car looked, nor did he appreciate its automatic slushbox. Additionally, the Camaro SS that he’d been eyeing for quite some time, parked right across the street, had a on the market sign onto it, almost mocking him because he drove by it daily. His family had purchased the sedan as a workhorse, serving as his sister’s everyday car and occasionally his brother used it for long hauls relating to his job. When Suraj hit the big 16, his parents had two hand-me-down choices to choose for him: a Chrysler Sebring LXi or the Civic. He adds, Originally I wanted the Sebring because my brother did some ‘cool’ mods towards the car like chrome wheels, headlight covers, window tint, and a bendy antenna, etc. Suraj landed on a website full of body kits, and unknowingly, the modification seed was planted, but ultimately I was due to the Civic because it had fewer miles on it and my parents felt it could be more reliable. After some random online surfing.quite a clean silver EK hatch. My dad heard about the hatch, and becoming a car guy, decided he would let me do some visual mods to the car. The sedan was dropped off where the family friend proceeded to add a body kit, Altezza taillights, generic coilovers, Enkei wheels and had everything color matched. He adds, I thought the vehicle was the sh*t in high school and I won Best Car, which made me think I was super cool. In this high school ‘ricer’ phase, I stumbled across Superhonda.com. The target on complete suspension and engine builds intrigued Suraj. So, much so, that he’d jump on the tech forum the instant he arrived home from school everyday to read and learn more about his newfound passion.

    Being a high school graduation student by using an almost nonexistent budget meant that a swap was completely out of the question, though with so many swapped Hondas floating around on the internet, the urge to put in a B or H Series engine haunted Suraj. Not any faster, though instead, a Flowmaster muffler was matched to custom piping at a local exhaust shop and made the automatic D16 louder.about this time that Suraj had graduated high school and was heading into the next phase of his life. He adds, It was time for college and the car, which I drove five miles to senior high school in, had become the car which i dragged both to and from college. I would change the wheels and bumpers [in the winter] back to stock and haul everything I needed to and from school. The car wasn’t particularly neglected; it was just kind of a ‘dark age’ for the build. In my junior year of college, I landed an internship and began working part time. A steady source of income and also the nod from his parents to start utilizing their 300M being a daily driver meant that Suraj could once more pick up the build, but this time he’d be doing the modifying himself. Most would undoubtedly take some sort of DOHC swap, but Suraj shook those thoughts off entirely after finding his way to D-series.org and learning all about the potential of a SOHC turbo setup. He removed the original engine in his garage and sourced a new block, which was fitted with Suzuki Vitara pistons and custom length FJ Distributor rods complete with ARP hardware. A Bullseye T3/T04E is connected tofor the most part, with no real snags on the way. That is, until it was time to fire it up, which contributed to a puddle of oil on the ground whenever a cam seal failed to make its distance to the rebuilt head. That ordeal was then followed by countless tries to nail an effective base map and once it was actually finally dialed in correctly, a few more problems showed up uninvited, including an issue together with the way and turbo too much smoke. Even after realizing he’d plugged the black box on the back of the D16 block, Suraj says the car continued to smoke between shifts, which is oftentimes a sign of bad valve seals. Off came the head so Suraj could replace the seals in the garage, whilst the turbo went back to Bullseye to cure some shaft play, and eventually everything was willing to be bolted back on. He adds, There were some additional problems like the GReddy boost controller not playing nice using the Hondata, a number of sensors for that gauges dying, etc. Nothing major, and so the next month or two were spent just experiencing and enjoying theHappy with the engine and turbo setup on the road, Suraj turned his attention toward the exterior and interior. He’d had his share of, shall we say, gaudy upgrades in high school, but having learned quite a bit in the process, he wanted a style that he wouldn’t regret when looking back 10 years from now. Thin OEM JDM side moldings were installed along with a Seibon carbon-fiber lip and MRacing mirrors on custom baseplates. Inside the cabin you’ll find a set of Corbeau Crow and seats harnesses mounted to a Revshift harness bar, a MOMO steering wheel, plus a slew of GReddy gauges.

    Some might call it an opportunity encounter, although some might chalk it up to fate. What started as a hate/hate relationship with a family hand-me-down resulted in the development of a devoted enthusiast who learned everything he could about his car by just taking a hands-on approach using some very resourceful forums.

  • Three Things That Will Help You Bring Some Style Into Your Life

    Being fashion forward doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. Through making a couple of wise purchases, you can be the most stylish person around and save money for even more fashionable items. Here are three purchases that you can make to have more style in your life.

    1. That Little Black Dress

    Having that little black dress can be one of the best ways to be fashionable, where ever it is that you may be. That perfect little black dress can be dressed up or dressed down so that you can look your best always. Spend more on this classic piece so that it will last and be sure that you take proper care of it so that you can look your best for years. It definitely will be a purchase that is more like an investment for your wardrobe.

    2. Classic Jewelry Pieces


    By having a couple of classic pieces of jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings or pearls can be one way to have accessories that are meant to last for years. While you will want some more pieces that are the latest style, these jewelry items will always make you look good and put together. You will always look your best when wearing them.

    3. A Stylish Car


    Your car makes a real statement about you. With the Fiat 500 from long beach fiat, you can have a car that is full of European style that will really make an impact. Beyond how it looks, the Fiat 500 has a lower price tag and great gas mileage to keep your costs down to make more upgrades to your personal wardrobe. With the option of a convertible, your Fiat will really turn heads wherever you go Find out more about the Fiat 500 by going to http://www.ocfiat.com today.

  • 2015 VW GTI – First Drive (Mk7 Tech Perspective)


    In 1976, Volkswagen created the “hot hatch” with all the MK1 Golf GTI. The little GTI has evolved to the seventh generation you see here, although since that time, many competitors have come and gone. Though the GTI has expandedbigger and stronger, and more refined over the years, it has retained plenty of its original character, with the Mk7 2015 GTI is the best one yet.

    1976 Volkswagen MK1 Golf front-endWe need to list base trim, because, for the first time, Volkswagen will offer a Performance Package that, amongst other things, will bump power to 220 hp. Even bigger is the addition of 51 lb-ft of torque over the Mk6, bringing the whole to 258 lb-ft. (The figure is identical for Performance and base Package cars.) Better still, torque peaks at just 1500 rpm and remains tabletop flat all the way up until 4400 (base) or 4600 (Performance Package) rpm. I have a feeling the engineers in Wolfsburg are now being modest making use of their numbers, as not only does this GTI feel faster than the previous car, but the Performance Package car feels like it receives way over a 10-hp bump.

    2015 Volkswagen Golf R – First Drive

    In addition to having extra power, the third-generation 2.-liter EA888 turbo-four is lighter and more efficient. The increases come from several changes, the very first of which is the use of both direct and port injection. Port injection is still preferable for low RPM situations, and direct injection is a lot more efficient once power is requested. I actually have a feeling that using a small amount of port injection will even help with the carbon buildup on the intake valves inherent in direct injection engines, although it is unconfirmed by VW. Those valves are now controlled by a set of cams which include variable timing on both the exhaust and intake side. The exhaust-side cam also features variable lift, which optimizes exhaust charge velocity to reduce turbo lag.

    2015 Volkswagen GTI front three quarters in motion 3

    2015 Volkswagen GTI rear end in motion 4

    2015 Volkswagen GTI side in motion 6

    2015 Volkswagen GTI taillight

    2015 Volkswagen GTI wheels in motion

    2015 Volkswagen GTI grille

    Another remarkable engine feature is the absence of the exhaust. Instead, the exhaust runners collect in the head before dumping out straight into the turbo. Minimizing runner length means faster spool times and probably saves a few bucks in the process. Those runners are surrounded by coolant to keep exhaust gas temperature down, primarily in high-power situations. Previously, these engines had to run richer than optimal to preserve the O2 sensor and the catalytic convertor. Besides leaning out at the top end pick up several ponies, it uses less fuel in the processcontinues to be the best blend of cost, durability and weight for this engine — it has lost some weight through optimization of mass. A good portion of the fasteners are now aluminum; the oil pan is plastic; as well as the new turbo, no longer a K03-based unit, is more lighter and efficient than the previous unit. Even with more power and substantially more torque, Volkswagen is expecting an EPA rating of 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway for both models.

    Instead of a straight mechanical Torsen or clutch-pack differential, Volkswagen went with an open differential combined with a personal computer-controlled, hydraulically operated wet-clutch coupling that locks the axles, although another GTI first is incorporating a proper limited-slip differential. The setup allows the differential to operate fully open after it is most advantageous, with the ability to fully lock it when needed. Charge of the differential is tied into the stability control as well as the old electronic differential system, now referred to as XDS , which is often used for brake vectoring in extreme situations. Unsurprisingly, transmission choices will continue to consist ofpurchased in the U.S. Despite being larger and better-equipped, the Mk7 will probably be almost 100 pounds lighter than the outgoing MK6. Hot-formed steel, which makes up 22 percent from the Mk7’s unibody versus only a 6 percent of the Mk6’s, part of the weight-loss is because of a dramatic increase in the use of ultra high-strength. The Mk7 also promises to be safer, with VW saying that the architecture was modified late within the development cycle to perform better in the new small offset crash test.

    Anyone that’s ever labored on a Golf will find a familiar setup within the Mk7’s suspension. The front suspension arms and subframe are now produced from high-strength steel, although the front is still a MacPherson strut. While not as sexy to check out as cast aluminum, it can be both lighter and more rigid. The change may save 4 pounds, but keep in mind that these are larger and stronger components.is already hollow, something the aftermarket tuners have already been doing for the decade to shave ounces. What the tuners aren’t doing is vulcanizing the bushings directly to the bar to minimize NVH during use. VW has also labored on the geometry of the 2015 GTI, raising the roll center nearer to the center of gravity. This reduces the strength of the lateral force that pushes the body in the car from the inside of the turn, making for less body roll with the same spring rates.

    VW also spent more time on the suspension bushings. Maintaining geometry through the suspension’s motion is key for keeping the car stable and predictable, and the Mk7’s stronger bushings keep the tires pointed inside the intended direction while still isolating NVH. On the front suspension mock-up VW had the event, the bushings looked and felt far stouter than those on thein the Mk5, but here too, VW shaved weight (some 9 pounds) and improved functionality. New bushings have risen transverse rigidity, improving rear tire tracking and quickening the entire car’s reaction to turn-in. The rear suspension also utilizes a hollow anti-roll bar and the locations of the anti-roll bar drop-shock and links-mounting points have been changed. It all adds up to a more connected-feeling car front to rear.

    To quicken steering response, the 2015 GTI uses a variable-ratio steering rack that needs a mere 2.1 turns to go lock-to-lock. The teeth on the rack itself vary in pitch and spacing in accordance with the distance from the center of the rack. As a result, on-center the steering feel and response feel like those of the old car, but response increases while you dial in lock. Unlike active systems, however, the settings are constant and can’t be changed with all the push of the mouse.

    Front rotors on the standard Mk7 GTI measure 12.4 inches in diameter and grow to 13.4 inches with the Performance Package. It seems that both will have the same calipers, though we couldn’t get confirmation.

    In Europe, Volkswagen lists a 17-inch wheel as standard on the base GTI. The Performance Pack will get 18-inch wheels and 19-inch wheels will be optional. For the United states, VW happens to be saying that the 18-inchers will be standard, with no word around the 19-inchers. Summer tires will likely be an option and, after much prodding, VW admitted it willUnited states and European GTIs is the parking brake setup. European models can have a wonderfully efficient and-tech electronic parking brake operated from a small pull switch around the center tunnel. In the U.S. will we receive the old-fashioned mechanical pull-type E-brake that we all have demonstrated the extreme quantities of self-control to never use at 40 mph approximately in a snow-covered parking lot.


    Though the new GTI features a bigger footprint, its roofline is slightly lower. It’s visually more aggressive in comparison to the Mk6 and contains a bit more presence. It looks great and appears far more mature than rivals like the Focus MazdaSpeed3 and ST.

    We still don’t really know what lighting options will be offered in the Usa In Europe, the GTI has bi-xenon lights with the active headlight option and LEDs can be used for the taillights and daytime running lights.

    2015 Volkswagen GTI front endInside, the Mk7 GTI is only slightly bigger in writing, but seems much roomier in the flesh. I’m 6’2,” and there’s still more than an inch between my knee and the seatback with the front seat adjusted to my driving position. There is also lots of headroom front and rear, and the measured 4-inch boost in rear shoulder room doesn’t do the actual increase in space justice.

    The interior might be the biggest single factor separating the GTI along with its rivals. The level of quality and refinement in the cabin is several notches above the Focus, Speed3, and WRX. The cabin iscomfortable and quiet, and better finished than even some more-expensive German offerings. The new 8-inch touchscreen now features Google Earth Maps and appears as good as anything in any other car. For those concerned that VW would decontent the GTI’s interior, sleep easy. Plaid cloth with Alcantara bolsters will once again be standard, with leather becoming an option.

    2015 Volkswagen GTI front end in motion 7

    2015 Volkswagen GTI front-end in motion

    2015 Volkswagen GTI front three quarter in motion 3

    2015 Volkswagen GTI side in motion 6

    2015 Volkswagen GTI rear three quarters in motion

    2015 Volkswagen GTI rear three quarters in motion 4

    Driving Impressions

    During our day in various Mk7 trims, VW offered up a palate cleanser such as a Mk1 GTI. It doesn’t hold a candle to the brand new one, as much as I adore the classic hatch. On the highway, the new technology does what it really should: fade into the background. The variable rate steering rack feels go-kart quick at first, but becomes second nature within 15 minutes. In typical GTI fashion, it feels comfortable and solid. It’s also quiet, rides better than the earlier car, and feels closer to an M or an AMG than an ST badge. The cars we drove showed major differences in ride and handling between the different modes of the Dynamic Chassis Control. We still don’t know if this is coming to the U.S., but I’m not holding my breath.It’s the split second afterward which makes the difference, although turn-in on the 2015 GTI is still quick and accurate. The GTI always had the ability to corner quickly, but once it started getting a lot more powerful, it became a point-and-shoot car. Now, it tracks as consistent unit. Instead of the front leading your back, it rotates around with front and back cooperating and the limited slip differential is an absolute revelation. The LSD allows for earlier throttle application, although gTI drivers are normally accustomed to carrying the brakes into the turn, late apexing, and receiving a bit straightened out before really getting on the power.In spite of the extra torque, there is no torque steer. Unlike the Focus ST and Speed3, which work to rip the wheel out of your hands, the GTI just puts the power down. Even aggressive shifts of the manual gearbox won’t elicit tugging of the wheel.

    If the standard GTI feels quick, the Performance Package is downright fast. I can’t wait to actually test the cars together to see what happens, although the horsepower numbers still favor the rivals on paper. A track evaluation will be interesting as well. Previously, we have always gotten GTIs on all-season tires, though with an actual limited slip differential and summer tires, I think I might just put my money on the GTI.

    In the real world, the refinement helps to make the GTI much more attractive compared to Focus. The new seats are the most effective to ever grace a Golf — I am including Golf Rs, Anniversary editions, and in many cases Trophies to suit your needs old-schoolers out there. The steering wheel is still among the finest in the industry, and how can you nothing like a golf ball shift knob? The trunk opening is low and wide cut, meaning it will be easy to fill the giant hatch with all the current stuff, which explains why you wanted a hatch for starters, right?